Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enough with the cold already.

Holy friggin' crap it's cold! I think it was all of 7 degrees when I made my way home from the lower reaches of Canada this morning (otherwise known as the Upper West Side). Many folks from back home insist that they'd move up here if not for the cold. I'd gotten into the habit of telling them that you get used to it. Well, I'll confess now that there's no getting used to this.

Yeah, it's much colder elsewhere. But you ain't gotta walk far elsewhere. I went to lunch yesterday with a friend who lives in the city but works in Jersey (except on Fridays). He whined and whined about the cold, even though it wasn't really all that cold at the time. He was being such a pansy that he insisted that we eat at the crappier of two noodle shops because the walk there was a block shorter. I gave him a hard time about it, and he reminded me that he doesn't spend much time outside anymore. Since he drives to Jersey in his cushy Mercedes, he's only exposed to the elements during his short walks to the garage.

So sad. He may as well be a suburbanite. Reminds me of the folks who visit from Minneapolis and complain about the cold.

Anyhow ... it was quite the miserable walk home. It's so damn cold that there are peesicles -- frozen yellow puddles left behind by dogs -- all over the place. Gross, I know. But you're only reading about it.


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