Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You're So Rude

My sister called to pass along that my niece thinks I'm rude. Why? She's of the view that I compared her to a dog.

I had dinner with the whole clan on Sunday night before making a dash for the airport. My niece sat directly across from me. At some point, she retorted to my sister "okay, mother" in a rather sarcastic tone. I found her intonation humerous and reminiscent of a commercial -- the one with a child singing, "Hello mother. Hello father." And I said so, even singing a bit of the jingle.

Well, the little booger (Yes, that's you! I know you snoop here.) somehow figured out which commercial we were all thinking about but couldn't name.

See the problem? I could've sworn it was a commercial for Oscar Meyer wieners or marshmallows. Who knew it was flea repellent?

In any event, I was trying to tell you that you're cute. Can't you ever cut your uncle a break?